The Josh Dotoli Group

josh dotoli group

The Josh Dotoli Real Estate Group

The Josh Dotoli Real Estate Group is a group of experts who are qualified in providing guidance and counseling to customers or clients who are interested in buying, selling or construction of new condominiums. Josh Dotoli Group understands that communication between the home seller or home buyer and the agent is the key and that why they usually keep you as their client informed about every step they take. Josh Dotoli Real Estate Group is well informed about the Real Estate industry in that the group is able to advise you on the different buildings and help you choose the building that is compatible with your preferences. In this article, we shall discuss the services provided by the South Florida real estate agents.

josh dotoli real estate group

Pre-Construction Condo Sale

In the last two years, Josh Dotoli Group the group has sold more than ninety-five pre-construction condos on the Intracoastal waterway and Fort Lauderable beach. The role that this real estate agent plays in this exercise is to advise you on the different building since different have different amenities and different services. They also negotiate for additional items such as storage space, parking space, lockers, finishes and the best payment structure, this way, their clients are able to get maximum benefit from pre-construction purchase.

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Selling Real Estate, Condos and Homes

One problem that mostly occurs in real estate industry during the selling of a property is miscommunication between the real estate agents and the property seller. For that reason, these South Florida real estate agents ensure they inform their clients every move they take during the transaction. They also advertise and market your property on their listing where they do the advertising every week until the property is sold. This real estate agent does not use the lockboxes instead they use a digital marketing platform where they have social media strategist, videographer, web designer, SEO expert working and email marketer.

Buying Real Estate Condos and Homes

In addition to buying from this real estate agent, you also get counseling and advice in relation to the forty page contingencies and contracts. They also help you with the million things and transaction that are needed in order to call the house that you have bought home. So far more than thirty-five clients have given the agent a five-star rating, their customers have also given a positive testimony about the firm stating that they were fulfilled by the group’s services.


Lastly, Josh Dotoli is a South Florida Power broker, he is very experienced when it comes to luxury sales, internet marketing, and contract negotiations. He always makes sure he exceeds his clients’ expectation by offering them outstanding services. Josh Dotoli also understand that relationship and trust are key in the real estate business and that why he has worked tirelessly to provide his clients with proven results and seamless transaction and this way he is able to build a lasting relationship with his customers. With Josh Dotoli, every transactions and detail are accounted for and he is always available in case his clients need him. For more information on this real estate agent please visit