Opioid Addiction Treatment

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Harmful Effects of An Addiction

For those unaware, drug abuse continues to claim the lives of millions of people each year. This remains attributed to the lack of adequate care. To expound further, the problems afflicting drug abusers usually go unnoticed. In addition, the problem will continue to worsen if it remains unaddressed. In particular, pill addiction and opioid addiction continue to reach various media outlets around the world. This remains attributed to high-profile people falling victim to the deadly effects of their drug addiction. A perfect example includes Michael Jackson. For those unaware, Michael Jackson remains arguably one of the greatest entertainers of all time. In addition to selling hundreds of millions of albums, Michael Jackson died from a drug overdose.

opiate addiction treatment

Aside from his pain pill addiction, Michael Jackson fell prey to an opioid addiction. In particular, Jackson died from a propofol overdose. Moreover, it killed him in his sleep. In a nutshell, he never would have died if he secured proper drug addiction treatment. One hurdle that drug addicts commonly face includes withdrawal symptoms. Shortly after being sober, most addicts experience withdrawal symptoms that they cannot overcome without the help of an addiction treatment center. To name a few, these withdrawal symptoms include weight loss and migraines. With such difficulty pertaining to sobriety, many drug addicts remain discouraged. Oftentimes, drug addicts also seek treatment for the wrong reasons. To expound further, many drug addicts seek treatment to satisfy obligations such as court orders or a family mediation.


opiate addiction treatment

Treatment for Opioid Addiction

Due to their lack of concern, they go to these treatment centers without the intention of becoming clean. To begin, opioid addiction remains characterized by the continual abuse of an opioid. Moreover, those afflicted with an addiction possess a strong desire to use it and they also possess an increased tolerance to opioids. Moreover, opioids come in the form of heroin, codeine, oxycodone and so forth. Although most of these opioids remain prescribed, a substantial amount of these opioids remain illegally consumed. One way to treat these addictions include undergoing opioid replacement therapy. When an administrator uses opioid replacement therapy, they use methadone or buprenorphine. Moreover, they use this technique because it reduces the chances of death.

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In addition, other treatment options include 12-step programs, peer support, support from health professionals, and so forth. In 2015 alone, 122,000 people succumbed to their drug addiction. This marks a substantial increase from the 18,000 deaths that occurred in 1990. For those looking to identify an addict, common symptoms include drug seeking mannerisms, prescriptions from various providers, and an increase in drug use. With that being said, several drugs exist on the market that have contributed to the opioid drug epidemic. Some of the most popular opioid drugs include xanax, klonopin, oxycodone, demerol, codeine, and ritalin. The list remains endless. In particular, xanax works by depressing a person’s central nervous system. Moreover, people become addicted to the drug due to its sedating and relaxing traits. Another example includes klonopin. Those who use klonopin report a feeling similar to alcohol.